Our portfolio includes various individual components and aggregates for the bulk materials industry. These are used for conveying, dosing, loosening, moisterning, crushing and shutting off bulk materials, such as ash, cement, lime, sand, gravel, pharmaceutical powder, coffee, sugar, salt, chips, wood pellets, plastics, styrofoam, evirnomentally hazardous dusts and many more. We are continuously expanding our portfolio by developing innovative products and system solutions.

Our product range is used worldwide in industrial sectors such as environmental technology, power plant technology, food industry, chemical industry, builiding materials industry, petrochemical industry, waste disposal technology, pharmaceutical industry, biomass plants and many other sectors.

Our devices are designed for a temperature range of -10°C to +80°C as standard. If the device you require is to be used outside this range, please state this in your inquiry. In the stanard version, our devices are delivered with the color RAL 5017, but since the production of all our devices takes place in our own manufactutring workshops, we can respond to special customer requests.

Fast and target-oriented service deployment

Our experienced team, supported by a production depth developed in the long term, coordinates problem solutions in a timely manner. Our continuous target is to be able to produce any workpiece internally in an emergency. 

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We can always be reached via email or phone and are able to react within 24 hours in an emergency. 

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+049 (0)82765843-0 

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