The individual components and units for the bulk material industry are used for conveying, dosage, loosening, moistening, chopping and shutting off bulk materials: ash, cement, lime, sand, gravel, pharma powder, coffee, sugar, salt, flakes, chips, wood pellets, plastic, Styrofoam, environmentally hazardous dusts and many others.

Our customers work in industrial areas such as environmental technology, power plant technology, the food industry, chemistry, building material industry, petrochemistry, disposal technology, pharmaceutics, and biomass systems.

Fast and target-oriented service deployment

Our experienced team, supported by a production depth developed in the long term, coordinates problem solutions in a timely manner. Our continuous target is to be able to produce any workpiece internally in an emergency. 

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We can always be reached via email or phone and are able to react within 24 hours in an emergency. 

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